God’s Plan

We live in a world in which leisure is glorified and misbehavior is glamorize. But God has other plans. He didn’t create you for a life of mischief or mediocrity; He created you for far greater things.

5 thoughts on “God’s Plan

    1. June 20th, 2008 I died during surgery. I was dead for 3 minutes and 33 seconds. I didn’t see the Pearly Gates or the streets of Gold. But I did see was my Parents and my Grandparents standing in a field of flowers with colors that I can’t describe. I was ready to spend eternity in Heaven. My Grandmother told me I couldn’t stay, I had to go back, and that God had something for me to do. A voice from a Bright Light spoke and said,”I will send you on a journey to places that you have been and places that you have not been. I will send you in body and in spirit, and will give you the words to say on this journey.”

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      1. OMG that is fascinating!! Are your posts what you’ve come to realize since the NDE? What were you like before the NDE, in other words, is this something that you expected would happen?
        I had a spiritual breakthrough about 15 years ago, but it was not related to an NDE. A door opened in my mind, or a barrier was crossed, I’m not sure what, but I think could communicate with a presence via automatic writing. After drawing big loops for a week or two, the writing became more decipherable, and in response to the questions “Who is this?” I was guided to write the name Jesus. More to the story, but it was also the beginning of going to places I’ve never been and told what to say. For the most part, I kept the whole thing to myself, but now I’ve come forward with my story. 💕

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      2. Yes it did change my life. About six months after the NDE I was reading our local news paper and I saw that two people were killed in a store robbery. this happen about four years earlier and the families were going to have a candle light vigil that week. I thought to myself how sad. I went to sleep that night and dreamed the entire murder scene. The next morning I contacted the police and gave them the information from my dream, of course they didn’t believe me at first, but within a month three suspects were captured. Now I am a consultant for several cold case units. I will not expect payment for a gift that God gave me.

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